Second Life by Julia Chernysheva

Julia Chernysheva is a creative, art director, a professional artist, fashion photographer from Moscow who is addicted to modern photography.

This story about human nature: ambiguous, unpredictable, dangerous, searching, walking in the face and jerking monsters and angels at the same time trying to define and realize their potential. The story was originally limited to three colors with ambiguous meanings: white, red and black. Red color. It symbolizes beauty, completeness, flames and a passionate thirst for life on the one hand, and on the other hand - this is an injury, pain, blood, revenge, war, aggression. White color. On the one hand white signifies purity, innocence, and even holiness, and on the other hand it speaks of the emptiness and indifference, oblivion. Black color. It is the color of mourning, but he is associating with the night brings a long-awaited peace. 3 colors are opposed and at the same time complement each other, revealing the identity of the heroine . Multi-layer clothing is further strengthened the diversity of the image.

All photos by Julia Chernysheva