Victorian Photography by Laurie Anne

Laura A. Lech Melancholia is a Victorian photographer from Poland.

Photography has been in my life since childhood. It didn't start in "facebook likes" age. As a student I attended to a photographic class and developed prints in the darkroom which was a great fun. I have always wanted to catch and reflect the mystery and beauty. I like "wrapping" this idea in the retro atmosphere. Fashion from 19th and the beginning of the 20th centry is my favorite and staying mentally in those times is form of escape from the reality. I like imitating the atmosphere of dusty, dark rooms of victorian houses or go to the meadows and forest as the preraphaelites used to do. Emotive portrait and storytelling photography belong to the genre I often choose. Usually I don't plan particular photo's, just invite a model, take a dress or a prop and then we try to find interesting poses and gestures.  

In 2015 I run my own photographic magazine Endorphine Therapy (Magazine) where I feature themed inspiring photography. I'm an old-school thinking person that's why there's only a printed version available. In my opinion the most important feature of a photographer is the aesthetic sense because the skills you can always learn.