Escaping the Heatwave by Fethi Sahraoui

Born in 1993 in the southern town of Hassi Rmel, Fethi Sahraoui was raised by his grandmother. Currently he's preparing a master in 'American Civilization' in the university of Mascara. Fethi's passion for photography came from everything visual, especially from cinema.

The coming of the heatwave can be synonym to an escapade to the sea for the Algerians because it is the most accessible kind of vacations. 

In places like Mascara and Relizane the temperature approaches the 44°C, even if the Mideteranean coast is only 65km away. For some familial and financial reasons not all children will have the opportunity to go to the sea as a result of a lack of places of amusement like pools in those places children manage to escape the heatwave by going to some dangerous spots like an abandoned water tower. There injuries are so common beside the water which can be very polluted. You can find them swimming in large irrigation channels with some deplorable conditions exposing themselves to countless risks. 

The aim of this project is to show the plight of these children who are ready to do anything just to avoid hard sun.

All photos by Fethi Sahraoui