Looking Down on Munich by Robert Götzfried

Robert Götzfried is a photographer from Germany. His aerial pictures are full of mesmerizing lines and symmetry.

I started a similar series in 2011 in Bangkok called „BTS Series“.  In 2015 Canon Europe reached out to me and asked if I could adapt my concept to my hometown Munich. Canon was looking for photographers who captured European cities in a unique way for their „Come and See“ campaign. Of course I accepted the challenge and shot my series for their campaign. I actually liked doing this so much that it is an ongoing series at this point.

My work is usually very graphically oriented – straight lines, patterns. I like to photograph scenes and objects with clear order – I guess that’s a side effect of being a graphic designer in addition to a photographer.  I’m always thinking in grids, shapes, lines, patterns, and colours; I make pictures rather than taking them. The bird’s eye view has always held strategic importance to me as a photographer because it provides me the chance to see ‘the big picture’ of a specific setup from above.

All photos by Robert Götzfried