ImPortraits: Portraits Depicting Importance by Gabriel Hill

Gabriel Hill is a commercial portraiture Photographer. His work has been published in various magazines in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA and the UK. Aside from taking pictures, Gabriel loves to spend time with his wonderful fiancée Rebecca, thier conceited cat Kelly and the rest of his family. Already as a kid Gabriel was fascinated discovering the world through the view of a viewfinder and this fascination lasted till today.

People escaping can only take the most important items with them. ImPORTRAITS portrays refugees with their most important item that they were able to carry along and tells their stories and why this item means the world to them. While we have more than we need others are forced to leave everything behind. When looking at the portraits we most probably will think about what we would take with us. For a very short moment we are in the exact same situation as the refugees were. What to take with me if I have to leave everything behind?

All photos by Gabriel Hill