Hèron Cendrè by Vivienne Bellini

Vivienne Bellini is a young emerging fashion and fine-art photographer from northern Italy. Her work has already been featured by numerous publications in Europe, mostly in hew own country. Vivienne's style of photography is strongly informed by Italy’s rich artistic heritage, painting and culture.

I have protected my heart for too long in this blanket of snow. I have protected it from pain and tears. But from that weeping and snow, a flower unexpectedly in May has blossomed inside my chest. Love can not be hidden for long. Love is the song of a beautiful Hèron Cendrè, whose feathers are blue as the skies, clear and true as crystal.

This project was truly "prophetic" in a this sense. In May of the last year, a Special Love has blossomed in my heart.

All photos by Vivienne Bellini

Model: Ylenia La Verde

Dress by Silvia Sandri