Memories by Jessica Andersdotter

Jessica Andersdotter is a 24 year old artist from Sweden.

"Memories" is an ongoing project where I explore the connection between art and emotion through abstract art. I create surreal and dreamy images that are based on what I feel - what feels right, what feels wrong or maybe just what makes me feel something - anything. It's an intuitive journey through the mind and the beauty of colours and shapes themselves rather than what they symbolize. 

I give each and every one of these images a unique name - naming them after women have become some kind of tradition for me, maybe because it feels like an hommage to all the amazing women through history and in my life. 

Technically I work digitally, using different techniques for distortion and deformation to create something beautiful. 

Most importantly though, these images makes me feel fulfilled. Getting to connect my emotional and creative life like this has given both sides more meaning to me, and I hope to give them more meaning for someone else.