Cinematic Portraiture by Bill Gekas

A dual Greek-Australian citizen born and residing in Melbourne Australia, Bill Gekas is a multi awarded and published portrait photographer. Self taught and by learning the intricacies of photography since the mid 90's, his admiration and respect for the works by the old master painters has influenced his stylistic approach to the craft.

The key to executing a shoot like this is to have it all planned before the subject enters the scene, the lighting, props, composition etc. From thought to finished post processed shot ready for display a typical shot can average a total of 8 hours. Many of the ideas come from my appreciation of the works by the old master painters. Caravaggio, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Raphael, Velazquez etc. But I also find I get a lot of inspiration from watching foreign films where the cinematic scenes play a prominent role. Fusing these worlds together help create an atmospheric portrait. Of course any film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet also raises inspiration to create, and I always keep a notebook with rough sketches and ideas by me. The emotive, atmospheric, almost surreal nature of it! It’s the type of expression that your subject will give you and sort of remain with you long after you’ve viewed the image. I believe that portraiture can reach a level where we’re no longer seeing the image but actually feeling it, and this essentially comes down to the strength of the connection between subject and photographer/viewer.

All photos by Bill Gekas