Portraits Inspired by Dreams by Ruslan Isinev

Ruslan Isinev is self-taught conceptual photographer based in Moscow, Russia. From the childhood he intended to become an artistic, imaginative and remarkable person. His obscure and gloomy childish drawings inspired him lately to take a camera and to start a difficult journey. He always wanted to build a carrier in the field of the photography or art, but his biggest aim is to create a world of his own melancholic style. The ideas conquer his mind and Ruslan always told that his inspiration came from the dreams, sometimes from the nightmares and nocturnals.

Ruslan`s images are passionate and hateful, bright and pale, beautiful and ugly that is all in the one flask. You will never know what feelings will evoke from the viewing of his photos. Attraction, fascination, hate, fury, anger but the one is clear unindifference.

All photos by Ruslan Isinev