Vignettes of a Salesman by Ole Marius Joergensen

Ole Marius Joergensen is a fine art photographer with a background in film based in Asker. He combines humour and a Norwegian strain of surrealism in his work and finds his inspiration in the inner and outer landscapes of his countrymen.He likes to shoot in the sparsely populated areas of the Northern regions. Many of his iconic images reflect the dreams and mysteries of his countrymen and raise questions of identity.

A lot of traditions are being lost as new technologies are invading our day-to-day world. The door-to-door salesman is a relic from the 50s. In Vignettes of a salesman, we follow a lonely, faceless salesman on his never-ending rounds, knocking on doors…the last of his kind. A symbol of a whole world gone by.

All photos by Ole Marius Joergensen