Villa Argentina by Arunà Canevascini

Born in 1991, Arunà Canevascini recently gratuated in photography (2016) at the ECAL. Her work was shown in 2015 in Lausanne, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro and Düsseldorf. She received the 2016 VFG Nachwuchsförderpreis, the Swiss youngtalents prize. Her exhibition now tours in Zurich, Lausanne, Stuttgart and Bale.

This work is a visual exploration of the relationship I have with my mother, set in ourfamily house in South of Switzerland.  My mother is an Iranian artist. She spent her childhood in Tehran as a secluded child, a condition of isolation which she somehow replicates in her adult life. As I grew up in Switzerand, Iranian culture come to me as a distant echo. The work represents the house of Villa Argentina as a stage for her poeticuniverse and a backdrop for the poetic arrangements of objects I made for thecamera.  In this creative solitude à deux, the work attempts to explore issues of domesticity,  the relationship with femininity and the matter of migration.

All photos by Arunà Canevascini