Napoli by Aleksey Kondakov

During his sojourn in Naples, Aleksey Kondakov created 16 new works which, inspired by his day-to-day life experience, investigate and illustrate the urban fabric. Kondakov presents a personal narrative portrait of the city, breaking into the pre-formed schemes of the observer, creeping into the perception of space and time, in search of new interpretations of the city. Kondakov's artistic practice is based on the digital collage technique through which he tells stories that often call upon the observer to complete using his or her own imagination. The use of light and his composition technique - starring actors extracted from paintings predominantly in the Romantic style - create an obvious short-circuit with both the outskirts of the city as well as its urban contexts, thus giving the observer illusory scenarios that often evoke awe and disbelief. Giving voice to the silence of the imagination, Kondakov pays homage to the city of Naples by way of a personal tale of interpretations, soft tones, colors and veiled sensations.

Artwork by Aleksey Kondakov