Places In Between by David Cutrano

As a fashion and beauty photographer in the United States, I observe the transformation women undergo when they come from wardrobe and makeup and assume the roles and identities of the clothing within which they are dressed.  When they step in front of my lens there’s a discernable shift in attitude and personality.  Observing this over and over made me think about the profound effect clothing has on our identity and how it would play out in a real life scenario where it was no longer playing dress up, rather assigning an identity for life.   

“Places In Between” is a photographic project about transformation.  It examines the relationship between women, their cultural heritage, and the garments and they wear.  It presents two opposite scenarios. One scenario examines the link between clothing and culture and its effect when it is used to dictate or assign a role or rank within society.  The other scenario examines the transformation of identity as the garment is used to punctuate cultural origins and act as a means of expression.

All photos by David Cutrano