Gleam by Hanna Redling

Hanna Redling is a third year photography student at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, Hungary. In the last few years her photography works mainly focused on her past in a personal and family historical sense. Furthermore Hanna's works focused on the environment that surrounds her and her personal relationships.

I look into the mirror and it’s the same game every time.  How long can I go on without blinking? When I started it for the fifth time it’s been so much easier. I try to focus with all my power and I feel my eyes burning less and less. And I ask myself: Why am I doing this? To test my willpower while thinking about persistence. I took photos of youngsters who are around the same age as me and are going through the same phase of life as I am. I asked them to play the blinking game with me.

All photos by Hanna Redling