Pattern by Stefania Piccioni

Stefania Piccioni who is the photographer daughter of a photographer father, was selected by prestigious juries in numerous national and international call for artist. Her photograph are in private collection and published on Vanity an

Food as culture, food as art, food as a story, food as a lifestyle ... reflection on the food and in particularthat the art and food ratio is a reflection that has ancient roots, is fruitful and full of remarkable episodes. 

By the use Pattern I wanted to present the food in a special way. 

Patterns give us order in an otherwise chaotic world. In most cases, repetition is a tool used to calm theviewer, making them feel comfortable and at peace while enjoying the view. A single, simple subject with aplain non-distracting background definitely has its strengths, but it is NOT the only way to keep a viewer’sattention. Patterns are to photography what rhythm is to music. Without the limitation of just a singlepoint of interest, repetition helps your eye dance from point to point with pure delight. You are not askedto make a judgment of the subject, simply to explore it. Like music, you are not expected to just listen to asingle note, but to take in the high notes, low notes, the movements, and the beat. The goal here is not tojust witness a good photograph but to experience it. Thus, when repetition is used correctly, it can greatlyincrease the emotional impact of your images.