Suds & Smiles by Samantha Fortenberry

Samantha Fortenberry's photographs capture a broad palette of moods and styles, ranging from tasteful artistic nudes to vibrant pop art. She has a flair for splashing her images with added color to enhance the scene. 

"Suds & Smiles" is a unique and playful exploration of artistic nude photography where a number of playful and unique people jumped at the chance to have their face and body seen in a water filled tub surrounded with items that say something about their lives and personalities. 

A unique aspect of this series is the simplicity of its basic design ... a tub, a person or two in their natural state, treasured belongings and such scattered around or even inside the tub, and a familiar perspective in every image from high overhead.  What started as a silly idea turned into a whimsical and entertaining collection of photography. Fortenberry's "Suds & Smiles" series has been featured in over twenty online galleries and has been on exhibit in the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas. 

One of the principles of this series is how each individual is beautiful in their own right, from a slender new husband sitting with plushies scattered about, to the grace and elegant maternal beauty of a young woman soon to be the mother of a darling baby girl. Rather than glorify the bare body and reduce it to objectification Samantha has brought the simple charm of bath tub play into an adult's routine.

All photos by Samantha Fortenberry