Woman In The Garden by Daria Djalelova

Daria Djalelova is a photographer from Russia.

I'd like to introduce a story that is called "Woman in the garden".  In my life, photography as a hobby started 7 years ago when I was 20 and it is a method of the idea implementation for me. I live in the world of illusions and constantly create the stories, which later become the foundation of story subtext. I get the inspiration everywhere unexpectedly, just looking at the shape of the shower blind, the work of art or unfinished book. It's like a little voice whispers in my head, "It'll be fun!". Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said a wonderful phrase: "We are shaped and fashioned by what we love". Probably, that simple sentence includes the whole essence of creativity. The preparation process and team work on a shooting day for me is much more important than the result, which I'm rarely satisfied with. The story we create and synthesize is the highest point in the narrative.

I have always admired the work of the impressionist painter Claude Monet. And, to some extent, it was reflected in my works, in colour, in vision. His usage of deep colors and unique shades of pastels are the role models for many contemporary painters and artists. Looking at his paintings, you plunge into secret worlds of the artist, breathe the cold air of the Seine or strolling in the blooming alleys. The idea of "Woman in the garden" is the emotional sensation transmitted while looking at his paintings. We have not tried to recreate the colours and style of the artist, only to form a general vision of his work. The harmony between man and nature, reflected in the photos. At the beginning of the story, we introduced the "white frame" to a man by purpose, made a "fresh breath" and then plunged into the depth of emotional perception.

All photos by Daria Djalelova

MUAH || Marina Petrova, MODEL || Anastasia Berkut,  Assistant || Anastasia Koroleva, DESIGNER || Irina BOBKOVA