Helichrysum by Matteo Palmieri

Matteo Palmieri is an agronomist and PhD Student of Università Politecnica delle Marche. He started to have an interest in photography in 2010 with analog and digital cameras, never stopped loving it ever since.

Helichrysum project is about open spaces and nature where the observed, collected and archived plants represent their evocative examples. The subjects framed in the environment become one with the nature revealing an essential and enduring equilibrium.

The plants - dried with scientific method - were selected nearby or exactly in the place where the photos of the human subjects were taken. What I would like to reveal is the essential bond between environment, herbs and indirectly, human being. Some botanical definitions explain that many plants are indicators of water, soil and air quality. Some of these plants are rare in many areas especially where rivers are polluted. Conversely, many untouched places are still rich of interesting species. With this project, I would like to show the beauty of the natural equilibrium with the consciousness that human being could fit inside it.

All photos by Matteo Palmieri