Allure by Jelena Osmolovska

Jelena Osmolovska is a self-taught photographer from Latvia. Photography is a reflection of Jelena's experiences, thoughts and situations that have changed her.    

All my life I have one passion - history. In school I lovedlessons of history. Now I love to read historical novels. It was mystical plexus of fate, marriages for the sake of the state, brave warriors, love without borders and time. 

I love to travel and every time when I'm visiting a new castle I'm thinking what secrets are kept in these walls and doors, who was King's favorite and who was sleeping in his bed. 

The "Allure" series is about these lovers who were close to encirclement of the king or queen, who were so cunning and could lure everyone. 

Photographer: Jelena Osmolovska

MUAH: Lubov Rozenfeld

Style : Silvija Rudzika

Model: Erik Carskiy