New Mexico Deconstructed by Natalie Christensen

New Mexico based photographer Natalie Christensen explores minimalist beauty in hidden bright colors and straight lines of her city Santa Fe.

New Mexico Deconstructed series is focused on an exploration of light, color and shadow in the city of Santa Fe. I started the series after moving here in 2015 as a way to get to know my new environment. The images are abstracted architectural shots taken in office parks, apartment complexes and shopping areas. Santa Fe is a city with a carefully cultivated image and promotes a certain romantic ideal. The areas where I shoot are far from the city's artistic and cultural center and this is purposeful. I wanted to show the areas that people tend to hurry past and maybe don't want to see because of the conventional view that sprawl is ugly or doesn't have anything of value to offer us. By reducing these scenes to their most essential elements, I aim to create a meditative experience for the viewer and for me as an artist.