Living Spaces by Tishk Barzanji

In his series of illustration full of candy color, visual artist Tishk Barzanji explores how people use their living spaces.

The essences of this series are all based on my own experiences in life and how I see the world. I'm fascinated by human behavior because I always wonder if how I experience this world is how everyone else experiences it. This world is complex. Our behavior is complex. I try to dissect these complex interactions into simpler forms. I try to understand myself and the people around me. To understand these ideas I started looking at how people use certain spaces, especially our living spaces. I was really drawn to brutalism because that's all I knew since moving to London. The sharp edges and materials are unapologetic, they are often seen as ugly and bad places. I deconstructed everything I learned and the results were quite striking. New spaces began to merge. I see a world that is unending, a world with no boundaries where color and space are the pillars of life.