Eyes Make the Horizon by Michael Zuhorski

In his series "Eyes Make the Horizon", Michael Zuhorski develops spiritual connectivity and a dialogue between Michigan’s Upper Peninsula landscape and himself.

In November 2015 I moved to the south shore of Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I did this with the intention of creating a body of photographs as a response to my sustained presence in the Northern Great Lakes. This work is the result.

I have a longstanding history and feel a deeply personal sense of place within this landscape. As a child it was where I first experienced reverence for the natural environment and recognized myself to be a part of it. This is coupled with the looming fact that, as a societal participant, I bear partial responsibility for the marring of this environment. In creating this work I have found meaning in this tension.

A dialogue has developed between this landscape and myself, shaping the patterns that connect these photographs. The sum of these patterns describes a place that is physical inasmuch as it is psychological.