Neverland by Iggy Smalls

Iggy Smalls is a Norwegian born photographer and visual storyteller. Her unique eye reveals the dark pathology to be found even in the mundane.

"Neverland” is a location invented by author Author J.M. Barry for his drama play and novels and famously known as the home of Peter Pan. Neverland and its inhabitants are often interpreted as metaphors for escapism, immortality and refusal to grow up. 

This project visualizes rejecting the notion of a photograph or a photographer being able to capture “the truth”; despite total objectivity on our side. Not only could photographers presence influence the resulting pictures but by always being forced to chose and crop, the truth cannot be told in its entirety, solely through images. Audio and audiovisuals may be superior tools for objectively documenting while photos alone leave something to the imagination. 

These photos will hopefully make you question what is staged or otherwise manipulated and what coincidentally really just happened.