Moorish Minimalism by Morgane Erpicum

Morgane Erpicum is a film photographer from Brussels. Morgane travels around the world exploring the themes of the monumental vastness of nature and of human impact - particularly on the outer limits of our planet, as what is most extreme is most vulnerable to change.

La Muralla Roja, fortress-like building standing proud on her cliff, clearly evokes Islamic architecture and Moorish buildings.

By stripping it of ornaments and concentrating on a staircase pattern, Bofill managed to reinterpret the structure of the casbah in a playful and minimalistic way that is a feast for the eyes.

This body of work aims to illustrate Bofill's “parti pris” by showcasing the Moralla's hypnotizing exotic minimalism. It also aimed to emphasize nature's understated beauty by contrasting it with man-made straight angles and geometric patterns.