Tread Softly by Chiara Zonca

We love how Italian photographer from Western Canada, Chiara Zonca, captures beautiful, minimalist, dream-like landscapes of Oman desert.

By looking for isolated spaces as a form of exploration of self, Chiara documents specific moments in time when solitude and open spaces alter her landscape perception. This shift enables her to see past the present and investigate the Earth as a timeless, untouched-by-humans dreamscape where she can then project her narratives. 

"Tread Softly" is a short series about enjoying the type of freedom you can only experience in a dream, seeking for that vivid emotion and capturing it before it disappears before your eyes. 

This desperate need of transcending visually to a surreal state where real life problems don't exist has always been my main inspiration. The abstract and solitary nature of those sand dunes gave my eyes no reference point to connect those dreamscapes to reality, enabling my thoughts to unravel and my body to connect with the space I was into on a deeper level.