In the Realm of Legends by Drew Doggett

Drew Doggett is a photographer and filmmaker who focuses on telling the extraordinary stories of places and cultures at risk of disappearing. His practice is characterized by his passion for chronicling diversity while utilizing the discipline and sympathies he learned working in fashion photography.

"In the Realm of Legends" presents the noble and resilient horses native to Iceland, a land of overwhelmingly beautiful yet unyielding extremes. 

By using the backdrop of Skógafoss, one of the most famous & epic Icelandic waterfalls, or Jökulsárlon, the black sand beach dotted with glacier ice a cool shade of mystical blue, this series is a tribute to both the breed and the land. Drew captures their world in both black and white and color in an examination of the two as one being. The animal’s existence and the dreamlike land are intertwined in a visual story, told here, that’s almost impossible to believe.  

Since the equestrian population’s story is rooted in Iceland’s mythology, the horses have deep roots within the country’s culture and day-to-day life. They are extremely amicable and their temperament is part of what defines them.  

However, their earnest demeanor is in stark contrast to the land. With 130 active and inactive volcanoes and 300 named glaciers, including one 3x the size of Rhode Island, Iceland’s landscape can be treacherous while also remaining breathtakingly gorgeous. That the horses have been able to survive and thrive there is a testament to their breed.