The Kumaon: A Minimalist Escape

We found so much beauty in the perfect balancing of the art and science of designing a living space in this tiny, minimalist hotel, The Kumaon, nestled in a hidden nook in Kasar Devi, a ridge above the historical city of Almora in India. 

Sri Lankan architects Pradeep Kodikara and Jineshi Samaraweera designed The Kumaon to accent an absolutely stunning natural landscape while at the same time paying homage to local materials, tradition and culture. They sourced the materials locally and kept the interiors of the hotel simple and rustic. The play of natural elements - stone, wood and bamboo in the composition add to a minimal yet awe-inspiring impact. While stone lends a solid sturdiness to the base of each villa, the roof is made of fly ash bricks clad with bamboo sticks to add a sense of lightness. In a nod to the native environs, indigenous pinewood is used extensively for the doors and windows, and copper and stone accessories handcrafted by local craftsmen adorn most of the living spaces. The attention to detail is evident, as each design element pair’s contemporary comfort with a natural vibe. Almora has a fine tradition of weaving and all woollen fabrics for bedding and furnishing are designed and produced in the vicinity around the area.