The Tulip by Tom Hegen

We love aerial series of tulip fields in bloom in the Netherlands by Munich-based photographer, Tom Hegen. Tom focuses on landscapes that have been heavily transformed by human intervention and shows places where nature is regulated and controlled. Tom would like to inspire people to look closer at the impact we have on our environment and ask if and how we could assume responsibility.

Dutch Tulip Farmers grow around two billion tulips every year. The Flowers come into full bloom for three to four weeks a year, between April and May. Once the tulips are in full bloom, the farmers run cutting machines through their  fields, lopping o  the colorful  flower heads. This is done so that the remaining energy of the flower gets directed back to the bulb so that it will bloom better and stronger. Mainly the tulip bulbs are sold, rather than the blooming  flower head itself.

In 2015 a total of 926 different tulip cultivars were supplied via the  flower auction. The Dutch horticulture sector is the international market leader in  flowers, plants and bulbs. Some 77% of all  flower bulbs traded worldwide come from the Netherlands.

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