In Search of Silence in Patagonia by Nadya Zim.

Nadya Zim. is a photographer and storyteller based in San Francisco Bay Area, California (originally from Latvia). With full focus on the lifestyle of living slowly and appreciating the beauty, elegance and magnificence of life through travel, Nadya's landscape photographs and writing reflect the silence of places she visits inside and outside of California. 


So short. So complicated. Seconds turning into minutes, then into hours, into days, weeks, months, years. Non-stop. Creating memories of our little lives... Well, I’m not sure now we care about those memories. Nobody even asks themselves anymore - what for these seconds are running toward... One blink of the eye and the whole story could be missed, unwittingly disappearing into rose skies rather than onto your memory’s lips. So many people (billions maybe) on their way to their offices, frustrated by traffic, work issues, trying to go through their day doing something they maybe never wanted to do in the first place, but competition, possessions (what else?) drives us... where? Damn these hedonistic comforts sold into our brains and veins through the shining screens, becoming our religion, becoming our new morality. Damn these hedonistic comforts turning our life’s meaning into something primitive, something frighteningly similar to tribalism.  

That's why I love running away, escaping into places where I do belong. Quiet places. I am a quiet me it only seems logical, to me it’s like breathing truth. That's what I love to photograph the most. Quiet places where I feel the most my true self, and if I remove the color from the photos it is to show you the feeling of the place, so that its beauty, its silence, removes all the unnecessary noise blocking a true connection to the heart, to the universe, to the meaning of our life’s creations in this world.