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Abstracted Circles by Marissa J. Menefee

The seemingly simple circle presents to me endless opportunities and inspiration to create whimsical and abstract compositions. Multiple facets of the circle’s shape and capabilities grab me; a circle contains zero straight lines; a circle cannot be filled with other circles; a line that never ends, circles are often a symbol of infinity. When lost, it feels like we are going in circles. When there is great accomplishment, it feels as if we have come full circle. 

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Watercolor Paintings by Yuri Lomkov

Any trip I plan is an opportunity to see something new, to surprise myself. Sketches, impressions, thoughts generate new pictures. My work in watercolors is the result of trips to Sweden, Spain, South of France - Toulouse, Moliere, Montauban, Carcassonne, Seth, Grenada, Andorra.

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ArtYuri Lomkov Paintings
Paintings by Nadezda Tarasova

Impressionism and Expressionism are my favorite art styles which I use painting in oil. Marine is one of my most favorite genres. I am trying my best and using all my knowledge of esoterics in order to put good vibes and create talisman paintings. I believe that my paintings reflect my feelings and attitude to the world around me.

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Portraits of Painting by Geoffrey Stein

I paint to find out what I think about the world: to discover the things I do not have words for. I savor the slips of the hand that express one's unconscious feelings. I am interested in the tension between abstraction and realism. I do not want to make an academic copy of the model or a photorealistic illustration. My paintings explore the tension between what needs to be shown and what does not, the seen and the unseen.

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ArtGeoffrey SteinPaintings
San Francisco in Paintings by Kim Ford Kitz

The content of my work is inspired by the desire to communicate my visual experiences passionately with others. I spend time exploring dimensions of landscape and developing a love for places and things that we occasionally take for granted. Artists share perceptions with growing audiences ready for anything-my job is to stimulate, not dictate. 

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ArtKim Ford KitzPaintings
Turkish Paintings by Sera Uzel

The perspective of Sera Uzel reveals the story of a metaphysical existence –which is inexpressible within the borders of language– that we stay distant as curtained by the daily existence, and the pictures which evoke compulsive, existence- and origin-related implications, resemble the embellishment with sacramental references and consist of the faces reminding of the iconographic figures from place to place.

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ArtSera UzelPaintings
Multimedia Paintings by Cande Aguilar

Cande Aguilar is a visual artist that reflects on border culture through his BarrioPOP, defined as an amalgamation sprung by characters, colors and street phenomena of his life emerged in a border town. He is a self-taught artist ranging from multimedia painting to assemblage and image transfer and is also an accordionist deeply rooted in Conjunto/Tejano music. Aguilar’s work has been featured in solo shows at the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art and the International Museum of Arts & Science and group exhibits at MACLA Museum in California, Wichita Falls Museum of Art, Craighead Green Gallery in Dallas, K Space Contemporary, Kirk Hopper Gallery and The Painting Center in New York.

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