Posts tagged Still LIfe
Inside Creativity by Manuela Wredenborg

Can you visualize creativity? If you can, what would it look like? I ask this question in the first part of my abstract still life series and try to answer it by creating images that show how I would visualize the creative process. I photograph backgrounds, print them out, cut them into pieces, combine them with different kind of paper and hang them up in layers.

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From the Top Shelf by Dina Belenko

I have a phrase which describes me precisely: "My name is Dina and I tell animated stories about inanimate objects”. I'm a person with little paper cities, sugar cubes, a moon from polymer clay, dolls' miniatures, broken cups, a handmade Rube Goldberg machine, repainted puzzles, wire trees, cardboard dragons and spilled coffee...and a photo camera. That's quite essentially me.

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Edible Inedible by Jose Laíño

Spanish photographer Jose Laiño usually works in the category of creative and conceptual still life. He studied architecture and while working in this field for several architectural firms has discovered his passion for photography when he took photos of ideas work and using analog cameras with macro lens to photograph architectural and conceptual models.

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