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Not Unusual by Werner Mansholt

The streets are the stage for daily life; members of the public are actors in a love story, drama, comedy or tragedy, opera or ballet. But they could be the audience as well, observing the scene just like we are. The urban surroundings are the stage settings. I take pictures on the streets around the world. And I prefer always seeing people being themselves and living completely in the moment, unaware of the camera, but I don’t hide away.

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ZERO DARK MOCKBa by Davide Palmisano

<Zero Dark> version of Moscow, is the guided tour of a city of dreams, and dreams should be made so at night. Because the night is a different world, sweet and ambiguous as a dream, and in those hours the cityscape in Moscow, constantly and rapidly changing too, is abandoned to oblivion, and stopping it has left captured in his cold and in his oblique twilight; giving us an unusual instant recording of the process of tumultuous change, themefortunately there are still traces half hidden, in memory, in the neighborhoods and in the original functions of the dumb buildings.

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Frozen by Jack Marijnissen

Jack mixes all these normal daily life things into one photo, in a series called ‘Frozen Streets’. A series with no end, a series you can read as a story with your own imagination. The moments of life frozen in single shots. His ‘Frozen Streets’ are his way to communicate with the world through photography. “every day there are moments of life to capture in different environments and different surroundings”

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Across the Street by Peter Zelewski

Across the Street is a continuous street photography project I started in early 2014. Unlike traditional street photography, which is often captured at close range with a wide angle view, I shot each photograph for this series with a 50mm lens from the other side of the street in both London’s East and West End.

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Streets of Havana by Patrick Ems

Streets of Havana project is going around my mind for a many years. I finally got the chance to realize this long-desired street photography project in early 2015, walking around Cuba's capital capturing its unique feeling, a mixture of tropical savoir-vivre and political isolation.

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