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Wallflowers: Lombok Island by Jonah Meyers

As travelers, when we come upon a place that is so far removed from what we know, the experience can feel surreal - as if you’re attending an extravagant theatrical production with elaborate set pieces and costumed performers. This was my experience when I first visited Lombok, an island that lies just east of Bali in Indonesia. The sensory effect of being on the island is overwhelming – the smell of burning coconut, the frenetic energy of the outdoor markets, the intense colors of the architecture and clothing, the 4 AM call to prayer... 

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The Caribbean Beaches of Italy by Fabrizio Intonti

The "White Beaches" is a four kilometers sandy coast near the town of Rosignano Marittimo, in Tuscany (Italy). The particular color of the sand is due to the calcium carbonate discharged from a chemical plant of the Solvay group, located behind the beach, that make the sand white and the sea turquoise. Because of discharges of Solvay, which include various pollutants, the White Beaches are among the most polluted sites in Italy and among the 15 most polluted coastal sites on the Mediterranean Sea (according to the United Nations environment Programme)

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The Altiplano by Daniel Kordan

The most incredible experience was on the flooded Uyuni! It was hard to believe our eyes and senses. It seemed that we float in the open space. Our spaceship is parked in a distance, and stars are blinking with blue, red and yellow colors. You stand in the deep night with stars above you, aside from you and underneath! It's space on Earth, isn't it?

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