Zsanett by Hannah Häseker

Hannah Häseker was born in 1993 in Göttingen, a smaller town in Germany. She started photographing as a young girl at the age of 16. Now Hannah mostly focused on portrait and staged pictures with the aspect of fashion photography.

Last year in 2015 I studied abroad in Budapest for 5 months. It was more fine art themed, so I had a lot of freedom in experimenting and creating all those things I always wanted. It was the most inspiring time I have experienced so far.

The "Zsanett" series shows the sculpture department of my University in Budapest. All pictures are shot with my Hasselblad on 6x6 film. (Since 2014 I am only using my Hasselblad) What inspires me is the places where I take my pictures, the lightning and the process of the analog camera, especially in this series. I have always loved the cold myth of sculptures.

Now back in Hamburg, being in my last semesters of studying I am trying to find out where I belong within my photography and how I shall ever be able to realize my dreams. 

All photos by Hannah Häseker