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 Beyond Structures by Marc Haldemann

"Beyond Structures" was shot in Iceland and the USA. The photographs show timeless excerpts from landscapes that seem to be detached from their actual location.

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L'amour Fait Passer le Temps... by Stefania Verganti

What is love? What is passion? What are love's limits and why does it have so much suffering? These are the questions that prompted Stefania Verganti to make this melancholic series of photographs.

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Mutterliebe by Stefan Rappo

The Paris-based photographer, Stefan Rappo, creates ambient cinematic images, seeking to capture emotion with storytelling.


Signature artwork:

Nón lá by Libby Holmsen


Libby Holmsen, a street photographer from Perth in Western Australia, creates a unique series of photographs while traveling in Hoi An in Central Vietnam.

"When visiting a new place I always challenge myself to produce unexpected images, different from those taken by photographers before me." - says Libby.

We love how Libby captures the essence of the local people from Hoi Anby including the black and white images as well as color in the series.