Tappan - A Modern Approach to Art

Chelsea N. Nassib launched Tappan, the digitally native art gallery, in 2012 with a vision to connect emerging artists to new and seasoned collectors. Tappan’s mission is to reinvent the approach to discovering and collecting contemporary art while fostering and supporting the careers of exceptional emerging artists. We are thrilled Chelsea decided to share with The Artbo some of her thoughts, inspiration and experience in the art industry.

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Chelsea, please tell us how your love for art started and at what point it evolved into Tappan and why? 

I've always been drawn to art from a very young age. That passion continued into my BFA, but when I graduated I was shocked by the lack of support for emerging artists. My peers and I were released into the world with limited tools to prepare themselves outside of their personal networks. That is were the initial seed of an ideal started for Tappan. I wanted to create a platform that connected artists to their collectors directly and would support them to grow and evolve their practice. 


Today, everyone with a camera considers themselves a photographer/artist. What is your personal criteria in filtering out an artist from the person who simply knows his technology and tools? 

An artist must know his technology and tools. However, what is more important to me is what they are saying with their tools, what are they choosing to highlight or explore.  


What are you looking for in artists for Tappan Collective? How else do you help the artist? Do you charge the artist for your services? 

So much of what we do at Tappan is built around the desire to help our artists succeed long term. We have a dedicated Artist Management team who is available to help guide our artists and we also offer domestic and international residency programs, virtual and bricks-and-mortar exhibitions, press support, partnerships with high profile brands such as Vince, Jenni Kayne, sweetgreen and more. All of these services are offered free of charge to our Tappan artists.  


Do you feel fewer people today can see and/or seek out art? Does the general population just want to see pretty pictures? 

I do feel that fewer people today feel comfortable walking into galleries or museums to see art. But I don't think that they don't want to, or that they just want to see pretty pictures. Among younger generations Instagram continues to be the most common way people are discovering artists. That's a product of the accessibility and connection that it provides. I believe this is why we've been so successful to date as we focus on being approachable, informative and providing access to our artists and their practice.  


What advice would you give to The Artbo artists who want to get their names out there and start earning money for what they do without bowing down to the marketplace fashion of the moment? 

Spend time developing your craft, build an identifiable style and share your work online. There is an ever-growing community of emerging artists on social media right now, so connect to that and start telling your story. Sharing your process is such an interesting journey for collectors to follow and really encourages them to get involved in your work.


Interview by Nadya Zim.