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Eyes Make the Horizon by Michael Zuhorski

In his series "Eyes Make the Horizon", Michael Zuhorski develops spiritual connectivity and a dialogue between Michigan’s Upper Peninsula landscape and himself.

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Fried Eggs by Steven Popovich

"Fried Eggs" is a series by Sydney based photographer Steven Popovich, where he creates stories of people that have stayed in a hotel room number 84.

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Inner Landscapes of an Uncluttered Soul by Luca Tombolini

"Taking a long time to travel is essential to revert to a more essential state of mind. When there, I’m facing basic life needs and I slowly drift back to our primeval link with Nature from which we generated."


Signature artwork:

Mombasa Blues by Dagmar van Weeghel


We love this beautiful photo story of Mombasa Blues by the Netherlands based-photographer, Dagmar van Weeghel.

Mombasa Blues is a story about a young Kenyan woman who moves to Europe and tries to fit into this new place through battles with identity issues, depression and a disconnection from her roots (the Blues).