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Alice de Kruijs


"Approximately 500 babies, toddlers and children under age 3 currently live incarcerated with their mothers in prisons across Mexico. They have been described as “the invisible children.”


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We believe there is no better education than art. Seeing and understanding the artist's philosophy, point of view, opinion, thoughts and feelings is something mindful humans recognize for the gift that it is. We believe that ability to see art, ability to understand art, ability to think for yourself, ability to argue with your inner self is being cut off from people's lives by modern tech and the herd mentality.


There is a story in every art piece created. A story worth listening to. A story worth learning from. We want The Artbo to become a place where anyone can find inspiration or learn something new. Exposure to art does inspire creativity. It does make you think outside of the box.


Nadya Zimmerman and Jelena Osmolovska
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Olga Shpak

"I do not divide models into children and adults."


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In the Realm of Legends by Drew Doggett


Since the equestrian population’s story is rooted in Iceland’s mythology, the horses have deep roots within the country’s culture and day-to-day life. They are extremely amicable and their temperament is part of what defines them. 

Drew Doggett is a photographer and filmmaker who focuses on telling the extraordinary stories of places and cultures at risk of disappearing.



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