Still Life Series "...thoughts..." by Photographer Natalia Samoilova

Natalia Samoilova from Belarus shot quite a stunning series of still life photographs expressing her thoughts on the world around her by using the things of our everyday lives.

I had an ordinary childhood in an ordinary family. I spent my childhood, as well as a part of my youth, in the former USSR, but I'm sure it was happy times. I even was a member of All-Union Pioneer Organization for about a year and was proud of this fact: I was wearing the red necktie with honor and believed in soviet ideals at that time.

Yes, now everything has changed, including myself, but this big part of my life helps me in my creative life now.

I graduated as an Economist in 2003 and worked as a bookkeeper for about 7 years. At the age of 29 I dedicated myself to photography, my lifelong passion.

Photography is a tool I use to talk to an audience. Within my professional photographic activity I have been published in different art magazines around the world. My photos were honorably mentioned in different photo competitions/awards and a winner of “Best Photographer” International Award in Moscow (Russia).

Some of my photos were exhibited in Saatchi Gallery in London, last year one of my work was a part of the VOGUE Italia Fashion Night in Milan and Rome,. I also have a sizable portfolio on with more than 200 pics in “Best of” section as well. I've had three personal exhibitions: two in Mogilev, Belarus and one in Ventspils, Latvia.

In spite of the fact that art photography is not in great demand in my country (and absolutely not in my own town where I live and create) I remain passionately fond of art photography.

I really believe that art will save the world, and I am really very happy to play my part. You know, art is an integral part of our world, it has many different important functions but the most important thing is that art is the only universal language. Just let it enter your heart.

I wish for more strength to make all of my creative plans come true and of course patience to complete them all in spite of all the challenges.

I think my best projects are still ahead of me.

 …thoughts… is a project of still life photos. With the help of different small things, light and composition I expressed my feelings and thoughts about the world around me, about things that don’t leave me indifferent.

All photos by Natalia Samoilova