Mirages by Alexander Yakovlev

Alexander Yakovlev is a professional photographer based in Moscow. Recently he received international attention for his project "Mirages" where he shows his amazing talent to make dancers come alive using a simple ingredient like flour.

Originally we were shooting "Mirages" in a completely improvisational way. We were looking for unusual and interesting forms of flour dust in the air combined with the postures of dancers.  When the first attempt was completed, we understood we are not able to easily work with flour as it is very difficult and naughty stuff to control. The biggest challenge is the right dust clouds and correct volumetric light for the right model and for the flour. The casting of dancers was also a critical issue. I really wanted to create ‘space creatures,’ shrouded by clouds, stars, galaxies and mystical fog. The ideal bodies of dancers were perfect to answer these challenges! At the moment we are looking for more development of the "Mirages" project, but it will continue to be associated with dance and movement! I can say we have only begun. But we are very pleased that the project has attracted such interest. We hope we will surprise you in the future even more with new work.

All images by Alexander Yakovlev