Bizarre World of Andrew Tarnawczyk

Andrew Tarnawczyk is a photographer originally from Poland. He learned to walk when he was 8 months old, passed his Driving License test at the age of 22, and he can bake a cheesecake. He is a Skeptic with a good sense of humor and an animal lover. He developed an interest in photography 4 years ago. Now, he is a final year photography student in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I open the doors to the bizarre universe of dreams, fears and hopes. The viewer is dropped into this parallel world where everything is different. My photography blends elements of reality and fantasy. It is a mixture of the beautiful and the grotesque. My work has this characteristic raw and dark feel to it. It's also full of symbols and often tells a story. This kind of photography is a radical alternative to conventional fashion images that predominantly focus on beauty and clothing.

All photos by Andrew Tarnawczyk