A Question of Regularity by Lotta van Droom

Lotta van Droom was born and raised in a small town in Saxony/Germany. Now she lives in Netherlands. When she was around 15 years she discovered her love for photography after her grandfather gave her his old camera. Lotta developed her own photographs and was fascinated by the possibility to create own world in pictures.

This series is an project in which unusual materials have been used in order to create hairstyles and looks with a twist. We are surrounded by so many things with supposedly established purpose. In this series I want to challenge such regularities and present new usages for some of those materials. We are exposed to an abundance of banal objects on a daily base. They are quite common on its on, or in small quantities. If there is a higher amount of those objects, suddenly they can be combined to something new, that is more and bigger than its parts. The initial shape and usage become a lesser concern because a new form will emerge. In this series I use this kind of common objects to simulate hair cuts and stylings. It was a conscious decision to use headgear because for a majority it is the most basic but also most important body decoration.

All photos by Lotta van Droom