Alaska by Anastasiia Sapon

Anastasiia Sapon is an adventures photographer from Kiev, Ukraine who currently lives and works in San Francisco, CA.

My family used to move a lot and since then I am always in search of new places and interesting people. I remember my father taking family photos with a FED 5V that now belongs to me, moving me towards a dream I didn't even know I had, to become a photographer.

After I received my 1st BFA in Management in tourism, hotels and restaurant business from Kiev University of Tourism, Economics and Law in 2007, I came to the USA for an internship. By luck or destiny there was someone who saw my photos, who believed in me and told me I have a good eye and should study photography. Since than I haven't stopped shooting. I received my 2nd BFA in Photography from Academy of Art University 2012. Now I work and live in San Francisco, creating and photographing.

I always loved traveling, waking up to a new view, meeting new people, opening my mind to the rest of the world and letting the new to come in. I decided to go see Alaska, but not as a tourist, as an adventurist, 30 days in a place I never been. This project is a good reminder that if you want to see places and experience beauty of this planet you need to get out of your house. Enjoy and keep looking.

All photos by Anastasiia Sapon