Recreational Facilities by Stefan Baumann

We are sure you remember the Abandoned Homes from Stefan Baumann we've posted earlier. So there is no need for an introduction.

Recreational Facilities are a place of relaxation, of fun and recovery from busy daily life. Waterparks, amusement parks, cinemas.. they all provide us distraction and help us recharge our inner batteries. They are a place of joy and life. This is exactly what makes an abandoned recreational facility so interesting, what once was built to bring fun and happiness is now much more a place of sadness and melancholy. Abandoned amusement parks have a very special mood when not crowded by hundreds of families and smiling faces, dried out waterparks deliver a unique and captivating scenery and cinemas with posters from movies that were shown years ago reveal the transience of man-made media.

All photos by Stefan Baumann

PhotographyStefan BaumannHDR