Hopper Meditations by Richard Tuschman

Richard Tuschman creates poetic photographic images for book covers, magazines, advertising, and gallery exhibition. He began experimenting with digital imaging in the early 1990’s, developing the signature style that synthesized his interests in graphic design, photography, painting and assemblage.

Hopper Meditations is a personal photographic response to the work of the American painter, Edward Hopper.

My images are created by digitally marrying dollhouse-size dioramas with live models. The sets I built, painted and photographed in my studio. I then photographed the models, and lastly, made the digital composites in Photoshop. I have always loved the way Hopper’s paintings, with an economy of means, are able to address the mysteries and complexities of the human condition. Placing one or two figures in humble, intimate settings, Hopper created quiet scenes that are psychologically compelling with open-ended narratives. I like to think of my images as dramas for a small stage, with the figures as actors in a one or two character play. Dramatic lighting heightens the emotional overtones, but any final interpretation, along with each character’s story, is ultimately left for the viewer to ponder.

All photos by Richard Tuschman