Gorgeous Surreal Photographs by Oleg Oprisco

Oleg Oprisco is a photographer from Lviv, Ukraine. He creates stunning surreal images of elegant women in fairy-tale or dream-like settings. Part of Oleg's uniqueness is in his old-school film camera.

In his interview for 500px, Oleg says: "Like every Ukrainian, I love freedom. I like the ability to stop time and create my version of reality. We live in exciting times. Everything changes very quickly: the weather, architecture, landscape, people, time. We can see this all happening in real time. There is inspiration all around us. Everything that happens in our lives can be a unique source of inspiration. There’s no sense in stealing someone else’s. Only the original is a unique creation. Be sure any artist of the 18th century, the 19th century is very jealous of us. We can live anywhere and create anything and show it around to world. Everything is in our hands."

All photos by Oleg Oprisco