The Poetics of Childhood by Marina Kazakova

Marina Kazakova was born in the Soviet Union 48 years ago and has never lived in one place for more than 5 years.

Frequent changes of residence, the republic of the Soviet Union, Germany, Kazakhstan, Russia and finally Italy, made me a pilgrim, or a man of the Earth, for whom boundaries define the limits of public areas although there are, but are not limited. I studied journalism at Moscow University and was very fond of jazz. When the camera came into my hands, I realized that I should not limit myself only to music and immediately fell in love with photography. Jazz and photography is a perfect mix of lifestyle or philosophy, if you will. I have four children of different ages and one grandchild. For the most part, they inspire me, do not give to sit up. The way they live, filling my days, considering what they feel and what they think, all gave rise to the poetic series of photographs about my childhood, adolescence and youth. The concept of the series is the aesthetics of youth: boundless sensuality, confidence and a huge need for love, perhaps more than in any other period of life.

All photos by Marina Kazakova