Take a Nap by Robin Cassiau

Usually working as a camera assistant, Robin Cassiau spends most of his time is wandering in the street with his film camera. 

I am fascinated by the people in the street; just watching them living in the street, in the metro, the interactions or, on the other hand, the loneliness. My goal is to show the intimacy of everyday people's lives by shooting them alone in the crowd.  When the sun’s come out, most of the people who live in town don’t have a garden to relax in.

"Take a Nap" is a series shot in Paris in different parks, mostly in the south, in order to capture the intimacy of people sleeping in the middle of those green spaces, a kind of an uncouscious reunion with nature… A rare moment of serenity, far from the tumult of city life; where people barely notice other passersby. They can abandon themselves in a blink of an eye.

All photos by Robin Cassiau