National Character by John Sanderson

Photographer John Sanderson has traveled throughout much of the United States and feels part of a tradition of New York-based itinerant photographers who began their journey with that city.  Working with traditional large format film cameras, he pictures the broad American social landscape through portrait, landscape, and still life photographs.

Tracing railroad tracks for a concomitant project, Railroad Landscapes, has led photographer John Sanderson to many of the pictures composing National Character. He has traveled extensively throughout the South in search of images which describe the country’s collective history and shared values. Drawn to the South in large part due to its varied topography and traditional charm, Sanderson’s work acknowledges the loss of regional small town flair while positing the most primordial of all American traits, a spirationalism. The counterpoint between personality and place, portrait and landscape underpin much of what Sanderson admits are travel memories--visual equivalents of his younger days traveling in his father’s pick-up truck.

All photos by John Sanderson